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What else can I get?

If you just want a component for your site, help with integration of a plug-in, a maintenance package or a custom add-in I can help with:

Integrating jquery or other plug-ins.

Create quality video presentations, slide shows, custom sliders.

Create a CMS plugin to allow you or your users to edit pages or content on your site online without a web site authoring package.

Create a custom membership system for your site with or without subscriptions.

Create custom forms and form processing for your site without you having to use an external mail processor.

Create custom search systems for your site, to allow users to search for content, consultants, products etc..

Create a custom shop system, cart, buy now or subscription systems.

Or create any custom process that you may need for your site.

And all this at the lowest possible prices.


We highly recommend that you add a Monthly Maintenance Package.

† Prices will vary depending upon the number of pages in the site and size of databases and number of tables.