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Your clients and potential customers are now using social media more than ever. In order for you to capture that business, you need a professional looking mobile website properly optimized to rank well on today's search engines..


While most companies are averaging about $45. to $95 per hour depending on what’s being done,
coding for example which is rare still gets billed at $125+ per hour at other Tech Companies
many of whom still tend to charge those high rates for items that used to take days, now can be done in min or hrs.
We don’t do that.
We use the newest technology based on a programming language called BootStrap.
Our billing model is related closer to an overall Project Cost which we have worked out over the many years we have been doing business (since there’s been an internet).
Since most folks like to see costs in terms of hours we can tell you that if our average project was broken down into hourly cost it would be closer to $35.00 per hour.  

* Fixed Price Range Prices quoted are for the complete (Fixed) web site and (Fixed) standard web site FEATURES LISTED ABOVE.  
Additional features may be added at additional cost (contact for details).

50% deposit required on all additional features quotes.  

† Hosting is managed hosting on a shared server and can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually including a sub-domain of  
Dedicated domain names are available at extra cost. .com, .org, .info, .biz type domains are 2 year renewable contracts.

We highly recommend that you add a Monthly Maintenance Package.
† Prices will vary depending upon the number of pages in the site and size of databases and number of tables.