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Site Managment

In order to offer even better SEO/Marketing deals, is partnered with Several Google Partners allowing us to increase our tool licenses & managed services for your GMB Profiles. (Google My Business)

Budget Site
$ 650.00

Prepaid 50% down unless otherwise noted.

  • A premium business (non-eCommerce) package.
  • Up to 17 Pages
  • * Price quoted is for the complete (Fixed) web site only. For ongoing support an optional site managment option will need to be chosen. 
  • Additional features may be added at additional cost (contact for details)
Enterprise/Business site with eCommerce option.
$ 850.00

Prepaid 50% down unless otherwise noted

  •  e-Commerce site with all the functionality required to sell on line. 
  • A compatible web hosting account is required.
  • All pricing is determined by a mutually agreed upon set of project details 
  • For ongoing support an optional site managment option will need to be chosen. 

Who says a beautiful web design should be pricey? Don’t let someone over-charge you for your website. You don’t need to break the bank to achieve your dream website. With our help, you can stay on your budget without compromising how your website will look.

Get your website fast. In most cases, we turnaround websites in 30 days or less. We greatly value the time of our clients. You can depend on our Real Wisconsin web design team to quickly get your new awesome website up and running in no time.

We are not only a team of web designers, we are a full service digital marketing agency. With that being said, you can be rest assured that your website will be built with conversions in mind. It will be optimized to generate more revenue, especially coming from your advertising efforts.

A Clarification
We work FAST.
Here’s How and Why

The Process with which has always done business with our Website Clients is mutually beneficial.

No Misunderstanding 
Upon completion of your website: After all approvals are completed.
When: Your project has been approved to go live online.
Who: You have pulled the trigger on the completed site.
The private test site version of Your Project site is transferred to your URL Hosting Site Address.
This always Requires Original Project Manager Approval to Go Live.

  • After (Approval to go Live) Which: There’s no Free Do-Overs - Do-Overs are NEW PROJECTS which require a 50% to 100% Down Payment depending upon details for mutually agreed upon additional Work.
    This is why our Process is the set up the way it is. $50% Down and the Balance within 30 Days or if the website is completed in under 30 days then it is due in the less than the 30-day deadline. This is meant to create intentional pressure upon our clients and their people to (Get Organized) and provide all needed materials within a reasonable timeline.  
  • It is also understood that we may mutually extend that deadline but only with the original Project Manager and that has to happen within the first 30 days. 
  • Another common-sense rule - The Person or Team we start the project with must be the same person or Team we Finish the completed project with.
    That's why We ASK clients to tell us When They Want the site to Go Live.
    That dictates the completion of the website project.  
    BTW: You own the Master Key. Hosting Log In and Password and the Site is registered in your name. You Own It.
    This is for Your security and safety.  
    We Do NOT Change Horses/Project Managers in Mid-Stream. THAT is a Deal Breaker and all pending fees are due should this occur. We pride ourselves on being able to work with a wide variety of requirements, however, each individual has their own world view and we cannot deal with changing worldviews in the middle of a project. The same goes for any additional work required after the site goes live.
    New People, New Negotiations and New Understandings.  
  • The Last requirement - This is needed after completion of the Live Website. Regarding website Maintenance. The Original Project Manager will need to decide upon a Monthly Support Option.  
  • 1. We have Monthly support packages that include additional changes (within reason) to the existing website in addition to website SEO/Marketing solutions that vary from client to client. For Example, we have a wonderfully popular Option that starts at $75.00 per month. See Link
  • 2. Should the original project manager not choose any of the Monthly Subscription Options then all additional work would have to be done on an hourly Fee Basis which is on a sliding scale depending upon the difficulty of that additional work.
  • This normally requires a separate quote so that we can determine the scope of the project and mutually agree upon a beginning, middle, and endpoint for all work being done.
    Since the difficulty of the required work can vary a great deal wants to be as fair as we can and as a rule under-promise and overproduce. Having said that, a ballpark figure for many of these small projects to an existing site has built for you could easily average $108.00 to $156.00 for one to two hours of work.  
    This is why the Monthly Subscription is a really Great Deal!
  • Think about it this way - If you buy a Car From a Dealership and come back later to ask them to put on a trailer hitch You Would Expect to Pay For that Additional Service.
    It’s the same with Websites.  We Schedule project work in advance for our Subscribers.
  • It is assumed that all Project Managers have read and understood as well as agreed to the previously stated clarification of project details. 

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