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Site Managment Options

We offer the following
additional Site Management Services

We highly recommend that you add a Monthly Maintenance Package.

† Prices will vary depending upon the number of pages in the site and size of databases and number of tables.

Platinum plan


Priority Help, Support and Advice
Maintain Web Site (2 hour per month)
Back Up Web Site Weekly
Backup Databases Daily
Database Maintenance Daily
Advanced SEO Ranking
Monitor Server Performance

Special SEO & Cyber Security Package

$75./mth† Tier 1 Management Pkg

Priority Help, Support and Advice
Maintain Web Site ( 6 hrs per month)
Weekly Back Up Web Site Pkg
Daily Backup Databases Pkg
Database Maintenance Pkg
Advanced SEO/Marketing Tie-In's
which include 1st Tier authoritive domain relevant content creation.
Server Performance Monitoring Pkg
ProSite Pkg Includes but not limited to; Page Optimizations on Multiple social media site links: Details differ vastly due to each specific client.

What else can I get?

If you just want a component for your site, help with integration of a plug-in, a maintenance package or a custom add-in we can help with:

Integrating jquery or other plug-ins.

Create quality video presentations, slide shows, custom sliders.

Create a CMS plugin to allow you or your users to edit pages or content on your site online without a web site authoring package.

Create a custom membership system for your site with or without subscriptions.

Create custom forms and form processing for your site without you having to use an external mail processor.

Create custom search systems for your site, to allow users to search for content, consultants, products etc..

Create a custom shop system, cart, buy now or subscription systems.

Or create any custom process that you may need for your site.

And all this at the lowest possible prices.

By placing an order with Real Wisconsin Website Design you accept the terms and conditions above and below, together with the site privacy policy.

Real Wisconsin Website Design and reserve the right to all code, content and/or images used in any design and to right to use this code on other sites or in other projects, except specific images or content that are supplied by you, or logos, images and content that we create specifically for your business or site.
You must ensure that any images or content you supply, you have the legal right to use, Real Wisconsin Website Design and are not responsible for any content that you supply from whatever source and you indemnify Real Wisconsin Website Design and from any such claims.

All agreed fees are payable in full upon project completion or within 30 days (which ever comes first). No files or hosting will be supplied or made active until payment is received.   An agreed upon (usually a 50%) deposit on orders must be paid before any work commences.

By having Real Wisconsin Website Design and create your web site or project you agree to having a discreet ‘Site by’ link in the site footer and agree not to remove said link for a period of at least one year. You also agree to Real Wisconsin Website Design and using a screen shot of your site page(s), site description, name and link to your site when displaying Real Wisconsin Website Design and Portfolio of completed projects and other Real Wisconsin Website Design and promotional content.