how to create a site

Maintenance Contract Plans

Maintenance Contract Plans are your safety net. We ensure your site is kept up-to-date with content you provide in a timely manner. We will add or remove content, insert or remove page links to the menu(s) or add graphics to your site.

Platinum plan


Priority Help, Support and Advice
Maintain Web Site (2 hour per month)
Back Up Web Site Weekly
Backup Databases Daily
Database Maintenance Daily
Advanced SEO Ranking
Monitor Server Performance

Special SEO & Cyber Security Package

$75./mth† Tier 1 Management Pkg

Priority Help, Support and Advice
Maintain Web Site ( 6 hrs per month)
Weekly Back Up Web Site Pkg
Daily Backup Databases Pkg
Database Maintenance Pkg
Advanced SEO/Marketing Tie-In's
which include 1st Tier authoritive domain relevant content creation.
Server Performance Monitoring Pkg
ProSite Pkg Includes but not limited to; Page Optimizations on Multiple social media site links: Details differ vastly due to each specific client.

How can I pay for my site?

When you confirm any order that requires a 50% deposit. We will accept via PayPal however since they have a processing charge a check via U.S. Postal is preferred.
Our Pricing is amazing low to begin with.
The balance on your project is due within 30 days or on completion (which ever is sooner)

We work fast but have found many times a client is slow in responding to our requests for items he requires be included in the build.  We can only be responsible for our production time-frame and need to express that if a client extends the working time frame we have no control over that.  
This is why we incude the 30 days or completion incentive.

What if I change My Mind?

If you change your mind BEFORE any work has started, your deposit will be refunded less a small handling charge of 5% of the booking deposit paid. Once work has started, which is usually within a few hours of the booking deposit being paid, the deposit is non-refundable.

If you have asked us to obtain a dedicated domain name, the cost of this cannot be refunded, but we can arrange to transfer the domain name to a host of your choice for a small fee of $15.00

I want some custom features that would only apply to my site/business can I get that?

Yes that is no problem. We specialise in custom systems and procedures. We want you to have what YOU want, not an off the shelf system that only partly does what you want. Contact us here with details of your requirements and we will evaluate your request and supply a personalised quotation

What code do you use?

We use php, asp and/or javascript with HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3 as required to achieve the results you desire.

GOOGLE has implemented a format they call AMP which has some limitations as to features available, however AMP sites are blazing FAST and get better ratings in their Search Engine.  Upon Request we will provide you with an AMP formated site which will gain you a higher rating under the GOOGLE Search Engine Policy.  Their Rules, Not Ours.....

Real Wisconsin Website Design programs in Bootstrap and optionally build you an AMP site (New Sites Only) as well.
Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Real Wisconsin Custom Website 

With all web site packages you get:

A unique custom built site to your own specifications with your own unique content and images.

FREE basic support* with additional support available at a small cost.

All the required files to upload to your server, as we work in various formats, you only need ask if your format is supported, or choose Optional Hosting with free sub-domain of or optional dedicated domain name (extra cost).

A comprehensive user guide to tell you how the features and settings work, and how to set up any databases etc.

A dedicated client area to monitor the progress of your project, with a secure area to preview the site .

Unrivalled service and support within a few hours of requesting it.

The best value deals you will find anywhere, from a proven development professional.

What you want the way you want it.

Once the quote is agreed, that IS the price you pay, no extra charges (unless you add something additional that was not in the original quote). My policy is that when I give you a price, even if the project takes longer than expected, there are no additional charges. What you are quoted is what you will pay!

No big charges up front, just a non-refundable 20% deposit to get your project started.

*FREE basic support includes ALL the necessary support to get your site up and running. It also includes up to 30 minutes work per month making minor changes to your site (Managed Hosted Packages only. 10 minutes per month where we supply your files etc. and you host the site on your own web space).   

The process is quite simple:

Select a special package or contact me with full details of what you require.

I will contact you within a few hours to verify your requirements, and quote.

If you are happy with the quote, you pay a 20% deposit, using the order number supplied and supply me with any images and text you want to use.

Your account is set up automatically where you can view the details of your project and monitor it’s progress.

Your project starts and you can monitor the look and work via a secure dedicated area on one of my servers.

Whilst the project is in progress, you can test the site on the live demo server and any tweaks are made as per your requirements.

Once your project is complete, you re-test, and once you are happy you pay the balance of your order, and within a few hours you either receive your files or your site is uploaded and set up on our live servers.

Planned Future Options: We are looking at the various special packages in our current offering and may soon have an Instant Quote Form for you to   Complete on-line. 

This question is difficult to answer for all sites as it depends upon the complexity of the project, particularly if databases, security or complex code is required. Your site will also be extensively tested to ensure it ‘does what it says on the tin’, however approximate time scales are detailed below:

One Page Web Site Package: approx. 2 days.

10 Page Web Site Package: approx. 7-10 days.

20 Page Web Site Package: approx. 14-20 days.

Complex E-Commerce, Membership or Sophisticated Library Search Site: approx. 21-24 days.

Very complex resource or room booking site: approx. 28-30 days.

The above time scales are very approximate and the times may be less or more depending upon the individual project. We will be able to give a more accurate indication once we have reviewed your quote/order.

By placing an order with Real Wisconsin Website Design you accept the terms and conditions above and below, together with the site privacy policy.

Real Wisconsin Website Design and reserve the right to all code, content and/or images used in any design and to right to use this code on other sites or in other projects, except specific images or content that are supplied by you, or logos, images and content that we create specifically for your business or site.
You must ensure that any images or content you supply, you have the legal right to use, Real Wisconsin Website Design and are not responsible for any content that you supply from whatever source and you indemnify Real Wisconsin Website Design and from any such claims.

All agreed fees are payable in full upon project completion or within 30 days (which ever comes first). No files or hosting will be supplied or made active until payment is received.   An agreed upon (usually a 50%) deposit on orders must be paid before any work commences.

By having Real Wisconsin Website Design and create your web site or project you agree to having a discreet ‘Site by’ link in the site footer and agree not to remove said link for a period of at least one year. You also agree to Real Wisconsin Website Design and using a screen shot of your site page(s), site description, name and link to your site when displaying Real Wisconsin Website Design and Portfolio of completed projects and other Real Wisconsin Website Design and promotional content.