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Real Wisconsin Website Design is located in Green Bay Wisconsin. We provide website design and redesign services. We also provide search engine optimization (SEO), email and social media marketing.

But wait...there's more! We have over 20 years experience in digital media creation and the post production business enabling us to provide you with video content as well as Web Video & DVD Authoring for your business needs.
We truly are a one-stop solution for your specific need to address today's video orientated social media generation.

Budget Site
up to 17 Page Site

Optional Hosting with free sub-domain of (yoursitename) or optional dedicated domain name (extra cost)

A premium business (non-eCommerce) package.

A unique quality design.
Up to 17 Pages of your choice such as Home, About, Products, Contact etc. inc. Photos etc.
Contact form with optional request callback feature.
Up to two Photo Galleries.
Free Privacy Policy pages.
Setup support includes 3 sessions.
Additionally we can host the page for you and provide a suitable domain name for you either a Free sub-domain under our ( like, or a dedicated domain such as, .net, .biz etc. (current rates apply).
* Package Prices quoted are for the complete (Fixed) web site and (Fixed) standard web site FEATURES LISTED ABOVE ONLY.

Additional features may be added at additional cost (contact for details).
50% deposit required on all additional features quotes prior to beginning of work.

We highly recommend that you add a Monthly Maintenance Package.
and if this is a Business site one of our SEO Packages. unless you have all the business you can handle right now. 
(Prepaid 50% Down)
Note: We have been averaging $550. with this type of site.

site with eCommerce option.

eShop: Sell successfully online.

Let us help you create your own eShop.
We will customize it to your individual needs.

Real Wisconsin Website Design offers a feature rich e-commerce script with all the functionality required to sell on line plus a great deal more.
The information below is a non-exhaustive list of features.
A compatible web hosting account is required.
† $750 (as low as) pricing is determined by a mutually agreed upon set of project details arranged prior to any work beginning on your eStore should you choose that option.
However, you may get a good idea of the functionality by going to the Demo site which uses CubeCart for the online store.
We have many other options including Ecwid and many others that will fit your specific needs.
Remember, the number of items for sale and the degree of complexity enters into the final equation, however, we are quite generous when it comes to the original build as long as you are willing to include a $75. per month maintenance contract for a minimum of 1 year. 
Over 78 Features!
(Prepaid 50% Down)
Note: We are currently averaging between $850. & $1400. with this type of site. It really depends upon inclusion of the eCommerce Option and how many items you have for sale.
A complete list is available upon request.

You Are Thee Best of the Best at what You Do!
Let People Know it!
In order to keep hourly rates low we are no longer building new sites without adding a Monthly Maintenance Package.
† Prices vary depending upon your needs however our minimum Fast Trac Tier 1 $75.00/mth 12 month agreement is best to start with.


While most companies are averaging about $45. to $95 per hour depending on what’s being done,
coding for example which is rare still gets billed at $125+ per hour at other Tech Companies
many of whom still tend to charge those high rates for items that used to take days, now can be done in min or hrs.
We don’t do that.
We use the newest technology based on a programming language called BootStrap.
Our billing model is related closer to an overall Project Cost which we have worked out over the many years we have been doing business (since there’s been an internet).
Since most folks like to see costs in terms of hours we can tell you that if our average project was broken down into hourly cost it would be closer to $35.00 per hour, but I this does not include any custom work.

  Please Note:    2019 Hourly Rate s
Reasonably skilled freelance web designers make about $75 per hour. This figure can vary though, according to CSS-Tricks.
Website Builder Expert estimates that the cost to design a website is $30 to $80 per hour and the cost to develop it is $100 to $180 per hour

* Fixed Price Range Prices quoted are for the complete (Fixed) web site and (Fixed) standard web site FEATURES LISTED ABOVE.  

Additional features may be added at additional cost (contact for details).

50% deposit required on all additional features quotes.  

† Hosting is managed hosting on a shared server and can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually including a sub-domain of  
Dedicated domain names are available at extra cost. .com, .org, .info, .biz type domains are 2 year renewable contracts.

What else can I get?

If you just want a component for your site, help with integration of a plug-in, a maintenance package or a custom add-in we can help with:

Integrating jquery or other plug-ins.

Create quality video presentations, slide shows, custom sliders.

Create a CMS plugin to allow you or your users to edit pages or content on your site online without a web site authoring package.

Create a custom membership system for your site with or without subscriptions.

Create custom forms and form processing for your site without you having to use an external mail processor.

Create custom search systems for your site, to allow users to search for content, consultants, products etc..

Create a custom shop system, cart, buy now or subscription systems.

Or create any custom process that you may need for your site.

And all this at the lowest possible prices.

By placing an order with Real Wisconsin Website Design you accept the terms and conditions above and below, together with the site privacy policy.

Real Wisconsin Website Design and reserve the right to all code, content and/or images used in any design and to right to use this code on other sites or in other projects, except specific images or content that are supplied by you, or logos, images and content that we create specifically for your business or site.
You must ensure that any images or content you supply, you have the legal right to use, Real Wisconsin Website Design and are not responsible for any content that you supply from whatever source and you indemnify Real Wisconsin Website Design and from any such claims.

All agreed fees are payable in full at project completion and no files or hosting will be supplied or made active until payment is received.
A 50% deposit on orders must be paid before any work commences unless it is one of the Instant Quote budget packages.  The One Page and Ten Page Sites are PrePay only due to their low cost. 

By having Real Wisconsin Website Design and create your web site or project you agree to having a discreet ‘Site by’ link in the site footer and agree not to remove said link for a period of at least one year. You also agree to Real Wisconsin Website Design and using a screen shot of your site page(s), site description, name and link to your site when displaying Real Wisconsin Website Design and Portfolio of completed projects and other Real Wisconsin Website Design and promotional content.